Frequently asked questions

About Kent College Hong Kong

What age does Kent College Hong Kong cover?

We recommend pupils aged 16 or above to join our online iAL programmes.

Does Kent College have a school campus in Hong Kong?

We do not have any school campus in Hong Kong, only online courses will be delivered at the moment.

What is the relationship between Kent College Hong Kong and Kent College Canterbury?

Kent College Hong Kong is owned by Kent College (Hong Kong) Limited which holds the exclusive license to provide and operate programmes under the name of Kent College Canterbury in Hong Kong.

Does Kent College Hong Kong provide school certificates to pupils?

Pupils who complete the online courses of Kent College Hong Kong will receive certificates from Kent College Canterbury based on the course subject and level.

Do I have the chance to be transferred to other Kent College schools?

Pupils of Kent College Hong Kong will have the opportunity to be transfer to Kent College Canterbury or join summer programmes in Kent College Canterbury.

What are the entry requirements of Kent College Hong Kong?

Pupils are required to take entry assessments for entry into the school. A school report will also be requested from the pupil’s current school.

Year 12 (16+) pupils wishing to join from other UK schools and taking GCSEs are usually offered a place based on their school reports, mock GCSE results and meeting our minimum requirements. Pupils normally need a minimum of 6 GCSE passes with at least a grade B in the subjects they choose to study at A level or for the IB Diploma.

When can I enrol?

You may enrol at any time in the year and our admission team will process any applications within a week.

Do I need to live in Hong Kong to enrol Kent College Hong Kong?

No, our online course is designed for pupils to study anytime, anywhere.

Can I study with Kent College Hong Kong if I am studying in another day school?

Yes, pupils may study with Kent College Hong Kong on a part-time basis. Please contact our admission team for further advice.

How can I contact the admission team?

Please contact our admission team by one the following methods:

1. By phone: +852 3151 5588

2. By email:

3. By sending us a meeting request online:

How long is a school term?

A school term will last for 3 months approximately and there are 3 school terms per year.

About Online iAL Programme

What is iAL?

Developed by Pearson Edexcel, the International Advanced Level (iAL) is a recognized qualification designed for international pupil which open doors to top universities worldwide. Available for 21 subjects, iAL have a modular structure, yet remain comparable to GCE AS/A levels, which is usually taken by Year 12 and 13 pupils in the UK.

What is the difference between GCE A-Level and iAL?

The major different is that iAL does not include any practical test or course work assessment while GCE A-Level does. However, their syllabi are quite similar to each other.

How many iAL subjects do I need to study for applying university?

To apply for top universities, we recommend pupils to take 3 iAL subjects with us.

What is the chance of going to university after the completion of iAL?

Every university has their own entry requirement, please refer to the website of the university you plan to apply for more details.

Are the iAL programme teachers based in Hong Kong or the United Kingdom?

Our iAL teachers are based in the UK and managed directly by Kent College Canterbury.

Are lessons recorded or live?

Our online courses includes both recorded and live lessons.

How many hours of lesson do I need to attend per week?

For each online iAL subject, pupils need to attend:

2 x 45-minute live lessons, small groups will meet with their teacher to take part in lessons

2 x 45-minute self-study lessons, a blend of videos, quizzes, activities carefully designed to introduce the key concepts and knowledge you need to engage with the live lessons

1 x 60-minute tutorial lesson, an extended live lesson with opportunity for 1:1 tutorial to review progress and feedback

How many hours do I need to spend on assignment per week?

For each online iAL subject, pupils need to complete 2 homework activities per week and pupils are expected to spend 35 minutes on each of them.

What happens if I missed a live lesson?

Live lessons are recorded and if you missed a live lesson , you can still review it later.

Can I interact with my tutors in/out of lessons?

Pupils can interact with their classmates during live lessons and on the Google classroom platform. Pupils will also have the opportunities to join house activities and competitions online to enhance the bonds with their classmates.

How many pupils are there per class?

Each online class may have up to 10 students

What hardware or software is needed for online learning?

To study our online courses, pupils need to have access to a personal computer with internet connection and pupils also need to create their Google account.

When and where does iAL examinations take place?

Pearson Edexcel iAL examination is conducted by Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) twice a year. For more details, please visit the website of HKEAA (

How to apply for iAL examinations?

Pupils need to apply for iAL exam half year in advance of the examination date. The application can be done online on the website of HKEAA (

Do I need to pay iAL examination fees?

Pupils need to pay for the iAL examination fees. Details regarding examination fees can be found online on the website of HKEAA


How can I pay the tuition fees?

Pupils may pay the tuition fees by bank transfer or cheque. For payment assistance, please contact our admission team.

Does currency exchange rate affect tuitions fee?

Tuition fees are calculated in GBP. Pupils may choose to pay tuition fees in Hong Kong dollars or other currencies and the required amount will be calculated based on the exchange rate. For payment assistance, please contact our admission team.