What is a Flipped Classroom?


An Online Learning Strategy with Proven Success

To ensure that we get the best out of learners in this online setting, we are employing a range of strategies. Central to Kent College Hong Kong’s pedagogy is the flipped classroom, but what is it?

Ahead of live lessons, pupils will work -- at their own pace -- through self-directed study topics, made up of videos, activities and quizzes. This will allow pupils to come to live lessons armed with the key information that they need to ask searching questions, engage in lively discussions, make presentations, and tackle challenges that will extend their thinking, while the teacher can support, guide and give feedback on each pupil's individual progress.

Flipped Classroom.JPG

Turning a traditional classroom setting into an effective flipped classroom environment requires both effort and experience from the teaching team. Our teachers have been running flipped classes in Canterbury and it has been proven that this model enhances both the learning experience and results of our pupils.