Course starts on 3 Aug 2020 & 17 Aug 2020



3 Aug 2020 & 17 Aug 2020


7 days before course commences


4 weeks


3 live online sessions / week






All our lessons are live online sessions delivered by our qualified UK teachers.


Students will learn effectively in a small group of not more than 12 classmates.


50%+ International students who studied with us obtained Band 7 or higher in IELTS.


Students can get support from the teacher and interact with classmates via Google Classroom.

Course Introduction

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a worldwide recognised English test that is designed for those who plan to study, migrate or work overseas.

The IELTS English Online course aims at improving students' IELTS scores by offering students an opportunity to learn in an immersive English speaking environment and polish their English skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

All online lessons and course materials are provided via Google Classroom. Students will be able to communicate and obtain support from the teacher and their peers.


Upon successful completion, students will earn a course certificate from EXKCEL at Kent College Canterbury. 

Is this course for you?

If you scored Band 4.5 to Band 5.5 in your previous IELTS test, we recommend that you join this course.


If you do not have an IELTS score yet, we shall provide you with an English assessment and advise you on whether you should take this course.

You will walk away with:

  • Increased confidence in seminar and academic tutorial participation

  • Improved English-speaking skills, ability to communicate effectively and fluently on a variety of academic topics

  • Ability to write advanced, academic English in different text types

  • Broadened English vocabulary

  • Improved Listening and Reading skills


Learn via Google Classroom

Access to your course schedules, notices and materials anytime, anywhere on any device.

Use Google Meet to chat and interact with your teacher and your classmates during live sessions.

Course Plan & Schedule

IELTS English Online is a modular course. For every 2 weeks, you will walk through a learning cycle that covers all 4 core aspects of IELTS: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. 

(Course plan and schedule are subject to change.)

Week #1

Session 1: IELTS Introduction

(Monday, 5pm - 6pm)

  • Overview of IELTS: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

  • Starting a Vocabulary Record

  • Starting a Learning Journal

  • Starting your Google Classroom Portfolio of work

  • Speaking part 1: Getting to know your questions

Session 2: Focus on Speaking

(Wednesday, 5pm - 6pm)

  • Overview of IELTS speaking test

  • How to get a higher score in speaking test

  • Learn Topic Vocabulary: WORK

  • Learn tips on how to extend your speaking

  • Listen to test samples and practise peer assessment

Session 3: Homework & Prep

(Friday, 5pm - 6pm)

  • Make use of the time to do your prep for next week

  • Your teacher is available via Google Meet to answer any questions (1:1)

  • Your peers are available to help you with your prep, to compare notes, or to do self and/or peer assessment.

Lead Teacher

Ms Josephine Velthoven

Head of EXKCEL

Head of International Study Centre

Kent College Canterbury

Testimonials from Our IELTS Course Students

‘To achieve better performance in the IELTS exam, our teacher showed and taught us some excellent techniques to approach the questions and we had good listening and speaking training as well. Very helpful writing structures were also covered in class.’


‘I really enjoyed my IELTS lessons. My teachers taught me useful techniques to approach the questions. We covered listening, reading and writing skills in class - really helpful and useful, and I can understand everything really well now.’ 


‘In our IELTS class we are actively studying all parts of the IELTS exam in preparation for taking the exam. IELTS is literally the most important thing for us. All the hard work we do and every effort we make in these lessons will be good preparation for the exam.’


‘In our IELTS lessons we did many practices from different parts of the IELTS exam in order to get a better grade in those parts. The small classes in which the teacher indicates your weaknesses and strengths in the different skills are excellent.’


Our teachers made sure that we had plenty of time based practice tests. We also gained more familiarity with proper ways of solving and approaching the questions within each section. All this helped me to attain brilliant results in the real exam.’


'In order to improve our performance, our teachers provided us with plenty of practice. During the lesson, our teacher talked us through the questions and our answers, helping us to find and correct our mistakes. The teachers are really kind and helpful.'


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Earn Your Course Certificate from Kent College Canterbury

Founded in 1885, Kent College Canterbury is a top-ranked independent school in the UK with outstanding academic results. All our online English courses are designed and delivered by EXKCEL, Excellence in English Language at Kent College.


Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will obtain a course certificate from Kent College Canterbury. Students can also choose to continue on our residential course and study IELTS for 2-7 weeks in the UK.


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