Our Virtual Campus 


Flexible School Timetable

A key strength of our online programme is that it can be tailored to work for each individual pupil. While tutorial sessions and live lessons will take place at scheduled times, much of the learning can happen anytime, this allows each pupil to create their own timetable and study at a pace that suits them, from anywhere in the world!


Learn and Collaborate on Google Classroom

Lessons are delivered using the Google for Education platform. This ensures a robust, safe and highly adaptable approach, which will allow learners to collaborate with their teachers and peers as though in the classroom. pupils will be fully trained on how to use the technology at their induction morning.


STEAM and Problem Based Education

Interdisciplinary links between the arts and the STEM subjects we deliver will be made within lessons. This approach will ensure that learners can take the knowledge and understanding from different subjects and through enquiry, discussion and critical thinking learn how to take calculated risks, problem solve, collaborate, and think creatively to generate innovative solutions to problems.


Individual Progress Coach

Fortnightly meetings with a Progress Coach are scheduled to support pupils, helping learners to stay on top of their academic programme while setting aspirational targets to help achieve goals and reach their full potential.