University Placement


Building Your Pathway to University

Upon completion of our A-Level programmes, we expect our pupils to attend iAL examinations (which can be taken in Hong Kong or overseas) which is recognized by universities worldwide. Our universities placement team also provide personal guidance to pupils as they have to decide which subject and university they will choose after leaving Kent College.


UCAS and Non-JUPAS Application

In between the first and second year of the programme, our university placement team spend time with pupils and help them explore the various study choices for them after leaving Kent College. For pupils who desire to apply for universities in the UK, they need to prepare their UCAS application and select up to 5 study options. For those who plan to apply for universities in Hong Kong, applications need to be filed online via the faculty websites of specific local universities.

Oxbridge Preparation

For high calibre individuals who aspire to become Oxbridge students, our university placement team will advise on their suitability for applying in the light of their academic performance. We also help pupils arrange expert tutors and take extra lessons to prepare for Oxbridge admission tests, run mock interviews and encourage them to engage in enrichment activities related to the field they are interested.