Pastoral care is at the heart of what we do

Kent College has a reputation for being a friendly and caring school, and our pastoral structure is designed to give pupils the support that they need from the start of their school career to the day they leave. Our aim is to always be pupil-centred and to focus on enabling you to become the best possible version of yourself.


Form Groups:

Learners will have a Tutor and be part of a Form Group made up of several pupils in the same year group (though not necessarily the same teaching groups). If the pupil or a parent or guardian have any concerns that go beyond the academic, then the Tutor is the first person they should contact, usually by email.

The Tutor:

  • sees their Form Group once a week to check-in;

  • Is always available for support and advice, and to discuss any problems;

  • Is responsible for pupil wellbeing;

  • Is the first port of call for parents when contacting the school;

  • keeps an eye on attendance and punctuality;

  • monitors behaviour.

Progress Coach:

Pupils will meet once a fortnight with their Progress Coach to set and review targets, this will usually be a senior member of staff who has a holistic view of every pupil’s performance across subjects.  The Progress Coach will ensure learners get the most out of school life and engage with the range of activities on offer. These meetings are also a regular slot to review progress against termly Missions and -- when the time comes -- support and guide learners in applying to universities.

Home Mentor:

Each pupil must have a responsible adult to oversee their progress, this could be a parent, guardian, sibling (over 18), or educational agent.  They will be copied into necessary communications (such as termly reports), attend virtual parents evenings, and keep an eye on how the pupil is managing their studies.  Along with parents and guardians, the Home Mentor can reach out to the form tutor at any point to discuss academic or pastoral concerns. 

Pastoral Support