Privacy Policies

Personal data

Personal identification data, such as your name, email address and telephone number, are private and confidential. You do not need to provide any personal identity information when you visit this website. Only when you need to apply for a programme, register for an event, make a booking, or subscribe to our mailing list, you need to actively provide personal real data.

However, when you provide your personal data to us, please make sure that you provided true and accurate information (such as name, e-mail, etc.). Your personal data is used for contact purpose. Once you provide personal data to us, you will be deemed to fully agree with all our privacy policies, terms and conditions.

Confidentiality of Information

Without your permission, Kent College Hong Kong can't disclose your personal data to a third party. Except in the following cases:

  • the express provisions of the law;
  • protect the rights or property of Kent College Hong Kong or Kent College Canterbury;
  • protect the rights and security of other users of our services.

Computer Data and IP address

When you visit this website, we will record the number of visitors. The website server will also record your visit data, including your IP address (including domain name), browser category and settings, language settings, geographical location, operating system, previous visits to web pages, as well as browsing time and web pages (visitor data). We use these data to maintain or improve the operation of the website, for example, the resolution of the website, the pages that most people visit, etc. We will not, and do not intend to, use visitors' data for identification and other purposes.