STEAM Education


Preparing Pupils for the Future

As the skills demanded of the workforce shift in importance, the need for memory, verbal, auditory and spatial abilities decline, reading, writing, maths, and memorisation become less important, we must begin to teach pupils ​how​ to think, not ​what​ to think.

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We create interdisciplinary links between the arts and the STEM subjects we deliver within lessons. This approach will ensure that learners can take the knowledge and understanding from different subject areas and through enquiry, discussion and critical thinking learn how to take calculated risks, problem solve, collaborate, and think creatively to generate innovative solutions to problems.

Alongside the experience within your lessons, we have built a programme of clubs and activities to enrich and develop each pupil’s ability to think in collaboration, critically and creatively. 


You will also be given termly missions, set around exploring a real-world problem e.g. Living on Mars -- How?, will task pupils to use the skills, knowledge and understanding that they are learning within their subjects, and beyond, to undertake interdisciplinary research challenges. The end result will be a short presentation, with prizes for the most innovative speaker.

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